Dallas Hailstorms in 2016

The Spring of 2016 has thus far been cooler than previous years. In contrast to the cooler weather there have been several hailstorms in North Texas with the cities of Wylie and Plano being hit the hardest. As of April 15 $1.5 billion in damages has been reported – all of which are related to wind and hail damage to homes, apartments, condos, and commercial buildings.

The most common damage to a home are broken windows, holes in the roof, and water damage. The first step to remedying these problems is to find the cause and stop it from getting worse by covering it. A homeowner’s insurance will cover the financial costs of damage resulting from the storms. State Farm had more than 65,000 insurance claims in the last month alone. When in doubt call your insurance company.

So far this Spring, Titan Restoration protected over 40 homes from further damage, successfully replaced or restored 10 roofs, and installed over 50 new windows. These numbers continue to increase every week as more claims are made. Titan has over 8 years of experience with roofing restoration. We work with the homeowner’s insurance company to ensure the homeowner doesn’t spend a penny of their own money. If you suffered damage from the recent hailstorms please Contact Us immediately for a free inspection.